Here is a few things people had to say about their experience at some of our Drumming For Peace drum circles.

That was the most magical drum circle yet! Thank you!

Jessie M.

Feeling rejuvenated after an amazing drum circle last night. Thank you 

Trisha P.

"I have participated in many drum circles over the years, and I can say that the drum circles conducted by Michael Suess of Drumming for Peace stand out because Michael puts such clear intention into the events. His focus is on peace, and on harmonious relationships with all people and all beings, with the environment, and with the health and well being of our minds and bodies. I come away from each circle invigorated and inspired." 

Greg R.

Drumming with Michael Suess and the Drumming For Peace has really been a connecting and healing experience. Michael is so passionate about drumming, and also about bringing peace and connection to participants. He brings this spark and passion to his facilitation and raises everyone's energy! I also appreciate his authentic approach and respect for nature and the earth. It is also great to see so many wonderful percussion instruments that he personally crafts. Without a doubt drumming with a tight community and with someone coming from the heart is healing and calming. I am blessed to be a part of these circles!! Om shanti, peace, 

Wendy W.

"You can feel the joy building with each round of drumming. An amazing, feel-good experience." 

Denise C.

An evening filled with so much energy, love, and happiness!

Karen L.

What a sweet evening of rhythm and peace and insight.. 

Linda B.

We wanna go too!! Kylie actually asked when the next one is...she loved it THAT much last time 

Corry B.