Drumming for Peace will use it's resources to expand the concepts of music making to find inner peace and wellness for the individual and lasting peace among the general populations of the world. This includes but not limited to education, establishing on going music events, providing instruments and training to other organizations through grants and supporting peace through music with other like minded groups.


Michael Suess- founder and director Drumming For Peace, Artist and Performer


Michael has been perfecting his crafts for over 30 years now. Starting in the mid 1970's with his jewelry which could be found in galleries around America, and then continuing as a featured leather artist for the Smokey Mountain Arts and Crafts community at the 1982 World Fair. His woodwork also can be found around the country in which he uses reclaimed lumber, found and discarded items to make many of his pieces. Continuing expanding his talents he added custom Hand Drums of all kinds to his portfolio. In 2001 he formed Drumming for Peace a non profit that works to spread the joy of hand drumming and group drum circles. He uses the sales of his artwork to support this effort. In 2005 Michael completed the Healthrhythms protocol which he uses within his work with the drum. He now is producing a film about the benefits of drumming and the people that drum from across the country called "Drums Across America…the movie" One of his favorite quotes is "If it is worth going to it’s worth bringing a drum!"


Some video clips