Mother Earths Heartbeat playing the cosmic song


We drum to reconnect to the rhythm of life, we recall our mothers heartbeat ...our first harmony in this life. 

We drum as a group and practice our own rhythm while remaining in relationship with someone in a different rhythm.

Drumming creates understanding without the restraints of common language. Drumming may begin with a feeling of chaos but through community and energy the harmonic rhythm is found and formed.


Written history tells us that the drum  has been part of the community  experience of man for at least 10,000 years and further study looks at some- where around 35,000 years ago where drums and rattles were being made and used in caves.  Some old drum masters say that we are just *remembering* the drum today. Truly it must be ingrained in our DNA .

Drumming For Peace began as a grassroots movement that recognizes the incredible need for people to intentionally join in community to generate healing and harmony.


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